“You’ve tried the rest, welcome to the best”

Our Services

For more than 20 years we have been embroidering, printing and building a huge list of happy clients who continue to work with us today.

In-house Graphic Design Services

We are not merely printers but we also have in-house graphic designers to handle artwork requests, branding and aesthetics for our company. Many times our clients will have graphics & concepts they require to be printed – to make sure that all these concepts and graphics are set-up correctly and are print-ready, we use the skills of our graphic designers to execute such tasks. There are setup fees for all our artwork & design services.

UV Printing

UV Printing allows us to print on objects, ever seen a logo on your electronic device and wondered whether you can do that? Well, that’s the power of UV printing. Want to print a sweet message on a mug or a gift you have bought for someone? Come to us.

Digital Printing

Do you need a poster, a banner for your event, a print on a t-shirt, a sign or even stickers? Our digital printing services are what you need. We print thousands of items daily on our professional printing and cutting machines. Try our services today and never look back.


Do you prefer to see your logo design or text in thread? We are the Caster Semenyas of embroidery, we run the art of embroidery. Those caps and beanies with thick, clean and professional embroidery designs you might have seen comes from us, Hehehe.

Vehicle Branding/Wraps

Vehicle Branding Wraps
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