“You’ve tried the rest, welcome to the best”

About Us

D&A Printers was founded by Ansie Harms who is the sole director of the company. The company was founded in 1991, the founder never thought that it would be as successful as it is now. Before founding the company, Ansie had been working for an engineering company until she had an injury on duty and was forced to stop working.
After this unfortunate event, Ansie bought herself a household embroidery machine just to keep herself busy. Within 3 months she bought a screen printer and another embroidery machine. Six months later she sold her car to be able to buy two more small machines to be able to cope with the quantity of work that was now coming in. For about 3 years she did everything on her own. Her husband would help her at night when he returned from work.

Where it all began

The couple worked very hard to make the business the success that it is today. Like many things that take time, D&A’s success wasn’t achieved in a day. While all the hard work was paying off, Ansie started to employ staff to make things easier. For 11 years the couple ran the business with what they had. As everything progressed, Ansie bought her first Industrial Embroidery machine. To this day, she still does a lot of the work herself to make sure everything goes out the way it should.
Ansie says customer satisfaction is very important to her, because she will not be happy with any item that is almost right, it must be 100% right. “I like to have an open relationship with not only my staff but with my customers too” she says.
A lot of people say the customer is always right but Ansie tends to disagree with that. She says; “We’re all human and so is the customer. The customer can be wrong – if the customer is right we will be in agreement but if the customer is wrong, we will have to work out a solution. I will always respect my customers, and I expect the same”.
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